Basic questions to ask when buying a UPS System

So – you’re finally ready to take the plunge and you find yourself in the market for a UPS system. That’s great- but how do you go about doing it, exactly? After all, choosing the right system can be intimidating for anyone – even knowledgable IT professionals.

So what should you know or; more specifically – what kinds of questions should you be asking? Here are a few basic questions you can ask potential vendors to get the ball going and start off on the right foot. Let’s jump right in!

What kind of UPS system should I get – network or desktop?

The kind of UPS system you’ll use is going to depend entirely on the kind of environment you have at your place of work. Network and Server UPS system are used to mainly protect things like data centers while desktop UPS systems mainly protect computers, peripherals and other electronics in your home or office. Take into account your needs and that’ll help you determine which one you need.

How much UPS Capacity do I need?

This one is pretty basic – but it’s meaningful. If the power goes down and your UPS system needs to put in that work – then it’ll need to be able to handle the demands of all the things dependent upon it. You can do it yourself or have a pro do it – but what you’ll want to do is add up all the wattage of everything your UPS system will be responsible to handling in the event of an emergency. From there, it’s simply a matter of a professional hooking you up with the right system that can handle that capacity.

How much backup runtime will this system provide me with?

Most UPS Systems with about an 80% load will give you backup for anywhere between five and ten minutes – which all things considered – is longer than most power outages last. If you need more power or really want to make sure you’re prepared for the worst – then you’ll need a system that can handle connecting external battery packs.

What other features will I need?

Will you need features and add ons? Yes! And this isn’t us selling you – this is just how it always goes. Each system and set up is unique and has different demands. It’s impossible to build core model UPS systems that can address everything all at once, but there are ways to customize that system with add ons and the like and that’s almost always what happens. Set aside some budget for it – and be sure to work with your account executive to figure out precisely what your system is going to need.


If you are interested in an Industrial UPS System or would like a free consultation, then give us a call! Good luck!