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Keeping your server room safe and secure

Designing a server room is one thing, but keeping it safe and operational is another – and for some businesses – it should be a top priority. After all – if your servers go down, that’s countless hours of productivity lost in addition to a whole mountain of risk.  One of the biggest challenges businesses […]

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Considering the lifespan of your UPS battery

Generally speaking, UPS systems are the first line of defense against power outages. As such, it’s important to understand how long a system will last, how often it needs to be repaired, and when you might need to replace it. UPS systems are a complicated and sensitive piece of technology that is made up of […]

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Keeping a server room cool

Especially when you’re in a place like we’re in – Florida – fighting excess heat in server rooms can always seem like a never-ending battle. And it’s an important fight, too! If it gets too hot, you can seriously damage your equipment – costing you hundreds – if not thousands of dollars not only in […]

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Why UPS battery maintenance is so important

Your UPS system is the heart of your backup power. In the event something terrible happens – it can often be the difference between seamlessly continuing forward with business as usual and catastrophic data loss. That being said, a single bad battery within a UPS battery string can create the risk of downtime. In fact, […]

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How to make your UPS System Battery last longer

Your average UPS battery lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 years, provided it exists in recommended conditions. But what are those ‘recommended conditions’ and how much can they affect the lifespan of your battery? Perhaps even more important than that – how can you make sure you maximize the lifespan of your UPS battery, overall? […]

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Potential threats to your network

When people think of potential safety and security issues pertaining to their servers – they usually think of things like data breaches, computer viruses and other types of virtual threats. And while these threats should be acknowledged and prepared for, all the firewalls and anti-virus software in the world will protect your network from the […]

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