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Why industrial businesses choose Lithium Ion Batteries

For a long time, Lithium-Ion batteries were known for powering things like cell phones, laptops and other digital devices. As the technology has grown, we see them in more and more industrial spaces every year. Today, we’re going to discuss why that is. How come industrial companies are leaning lithium-ion? Should you consider the same? […]

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Keeping your server room safe

One of the more overlooked aspects of managing your server room and lithium ion batteries is safety. While it seems kind of wild to assume that someone could get shocked, batteries could leak, that racks could fall on you – it does happen. Today, we’re going to share a few brief tips on some of […]

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The importance ongoing UPS maintenance

When it comes to things like server rooms and UPS power – it’s really easy to let those things fade to the background and not be front and center in your day to day thoughts and frankly – it’s hard to blame you. After all, you do have a business to run. However, your UPS […]

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Why businesses turn to lithium ion batteries

Businesses are using lithium ion batteries nowadays almost everywhere. Not only do we see them in commercial uses, but they’re really beginning to rule the proverbial roost in industrial settings. What makes them so appealing? Well for one, everyone’s always cost conscious and while lithium ion batteries can be a little pricier up front – […]

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What makes lithium ion batteries stand out

When it comes to powering UPS Systems – lithium Ion UPS batteries truly stand out from the pack. While traditional lead and acid based batteries have done well over the years, we’re finally at a point where they’ve simply been passed and for anyone with ongoing power needs; they’ve really become the most responsible choice. […]

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Can generators work with a UPS system?

One of the most common questions we get from business owners is how well UPS systems can work with generators. The answer isn’t necessarily complex – but it does take a good deal of consideration and investment to make it so you can get the most out of the marriage. Not all UPS systems are […]

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