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Signs of a failing UPS battery

UPS batteries are a valuable investment – but they don’t last forever. And truth be told, you can’t afford to have the costly downtime associated with an outage. With that in mind, today’s blog is going to be about some of the signs you should look for when it’s time to get your UPS battery […]

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What businesses use UPS batteries the most?

UPS Batteries have changed a lot about how businesses power themselves. If you’re a business owner – you’re probably wondering if you’re in the kind of industry that would benefit from using a UPS battery in your server rooms. Today- we’re going to break down some of the most common industries UPS batteries are used […]

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What NOT to have inside a server room

On this blog, we usually carry a lot of information not just on UPS batteries, but also server rooms and server room layouts. One of the more common things we discuss are things you’d want in server rooms and a lot about what you SHOULD have in a server room.  However today, we’re going to […]

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Maintaining a server room UPS battery

UPS batteries form a variety of vital functions when it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure. In the event of a serious outage, UPS batteries are more often than not – the first line of defense you’ll have against downtime and lost data.  Simply put, you can’t afford for things to go wrong.  However, when […]

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When server rooms heat up

Down here in the Tampa area, we’re rounding the corner into April and May where things will go from very warm to flat-out hot. And for those of you in other areas of the country, you might have a little bit more of a temperature deficit to overcome, but we’re willing to bet things are […]

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Renting UPS? Can you? Should you?

No matter where you’re at in the world, it’s been impossible to avoid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and while it looks like we’ll (thankfully) avoid a double-dip recession, there’s still a need to be more cautious than usual when it comes to how businesses spend their money.  That being said, there are just […]

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