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Generators and UPS Systems – what you need to know

A lot of companies have generators that help supply power to their businesses in the event that they experience downtime. Most businesses also understand that they can get the most out of it if they connect their generator to a UPS system.   What they don’t’ know is that not all UPS systems are created […]

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Understanding your UPS system

For many businesses, UPS systems are the first line of defense when the power goes out. That’s why it’s so critical to understand how long the system will last and when you’ll start to have to think about things like repairs, maintenance and replacement. UPS systems are a sensitive form of technology and is full […]

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Basic questions to ask when buying a UPS System

So – you’re finally ready to take the plunge and you find yourself in the market for a UPS system. That’s great- but how do you go about doing it, exactly? After all, choosing the right system can be intimidating for anyone – even knowledgable IT professionals. So what should you know or; more specifically […]

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Industrial UPS Systems vs. Standard UPS Systems

One of the biggest threats to any manufacturer is the possibility of power supply interruptions. To combat this, Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS systems serve as defense against that threat by providing backup power. That being said – a common issue we encounter with clients and customers is a fundamental misunderstanding of the differences between […]

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UPS battery maintenance basics

UPS Batteries perform a variety of duties when it comes to protecting your computer system. In the event of a serious outage, your UPS Battery will be your first line of defense to make sure you don’t have to face downtime. It also acts as a secondary power source and allows data and other information […]

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