Four things every UPS system owner should be thinking about

Look at you! You’ve invested in a UPS battery and you’re protected against a power outage. You have backup power in case the power goes out and you can rest assured that your UPS system will help you guard against surges, keep you up and running during short outages and allows for graceful, controlled shutdown during longer ones. 

So nothing to worry about, right? If the battery is healthy, new and fully charged – then you bet! You’re in a good spot. But that being said – UPS batteries can fail – and that’s due to a few things that can impact their operation and lifespan. And today’s blog is all about that. 

Here are some of the things that can impact the life, health and performance of your UPS battery. Let’s jump right in!


This one is the obvious one. The older the battery, the less dependable it becomes. Most UPS batteries will last 3-5 years but other factors can influence that. Make sure that you’re having your battery and your entire UPS system maintained at least twice a year. 


If the temperature is too hot – it can impact how a UPS battery performs. If the temperature is too cold – it can also impact how a UPS battery performs. In fact if your server room is 15 degrees too hot or two cold in either direction over the recommended 77degrees F, then you can cut down your battery’s lifespan by almost half! Make sure you’re managing the temperature!


Heat and humidity go together like peas and carrots and in the case of your UPS battery – that’s a bad thing. Too much moisture can adversely impact your battery’s life. To avoid this, make sure that you don’t install UPS batteries near open windows or anywhere where there might be additional moisture. Keep the room closed, temperature controlled and moisture free. 

Frequent power events

Each discharge that a UPS battery performs reduces its capacity. So if you’re in a place where there’s frequent power surges, outages or distortions, be aware that your UPS battery’s lifespan might be taking a beating. Like we said before – ongoing preventative maintenance is important to the overall health of your system, so be sure that you’re having someone take a look regularly to give you an idea of where your battery is at in terms of its overall backup power and health.