Keeping your server room safe

One of the more overlooked aspects of managing your server room and lithium ion batteries is safety. While it seems kind of wild to assume that someone could get shocked, batteries could leak, that racks could fall on you – it does happen.

Today, we’re going to share a few brief tips on some of the things you can do in order to not only keep your server room working in tip-top shape; but also safely. Let’s jump right in!

Get a fire risk assessment

The thing with server rooms is they tend to generate a lot of heat-  electric heat at that – and if you know anything about electrical fires, it’s that they spread incredibly fast and are extremely dangerous. Getting a risk assessment will help you prepare for the worst – whether it’s identifying inefficiencies in the layout or something as important as choosing which fire suppression system to use. It’ll cost you a little up front but trust us when we tell you – it’s worth every penny.

Keep your server rooms clean and well-maintained

Every instance of fire and malfunction likely comes from lack of care and cleanliness. Dust can build up, which increases and isolates heat in your server room. Sometimes, people inexplicably move other things into the space and use it as makeshift storage. Never, ever use the space as a place to store anything combustible. 

Abide by system requirements

Folks, system requirements aren’t a suggestion. They’re requirements. A little too warm or a little too cold and you could seriously damage your space or cause overheating and malfunction. We’d even recommend investing in a monitoring or alarm system so that you know your system is operating where it needs to be; and in the event it isn’t – you’re able to get out ahead of the problem before it becomes a catastrophe. 

Schedule regular inspections

The best thing you can ever do to keep your server room safe is to simply schedule regular inspections to make sure the space is both safe and compliant. It’s really easy to let things slide, so why not pay someone a little extra to make sure it doesn’t and not have to dwell on it? The best way to prevent issues is always to make sure your room is properly maintained.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. If you have a question about lithium ion batteries and what they can do for your server room, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!