New management and inheriting a UPS system: what to do

There are many businesses who put UPS systems together on the fly, or make it a priority when starting their business up. Other owners inherit their UPS system from someone else and as such, there’s a degree of getting yourself up to speed when it comes to your UPS system; to almost have to learn what it’s all about.

Today’s blog is going to focus on the three things a business needs to do in order to get a clearer idea of what they’re dealing with and what upgrades might need to be made. Let’s jump right in!

Cost of the system itself

UPS systems are like anything else – you largely get what you pay for – but what you paid for can vary greatly in terms of what certain systems can do and protect. Good systems are expensive up front, but pay for themselves on the back-end of their lifespans. Low-efficiency systems front-load their value into the beginning of their lifespan. 

You’ll also have to grapple with the technology you have and in what combination it exists in. UPS systems are highly sensitive forms of technology and are full of things that react to other things. They’re also influenced by a multitude of outside forces as well – from moisture and dust, to transients and temperature. 

But before you do anything else – get a sense for how much the system costs. What you have on-hand and what it’ll cost to get the system to the point you want to get it to. 

Don’t gloss over critical loads

We tell anyone who inherits a business or UPS system to actually do the math in their head as to what their critical load is and how much downtime it could potentially cost your company. If you want a motivator – that’s the way to do it. It’ll also help bring into a clearer focus what it is you’ll need to do heading forward with regards to maintenance, repairs and upgrades. 

Facilities and the future

While it’s critical to get a handle on where your UPS System and business as a whole is at ‘now,’ it’s even more important to be able to look to the future and plan for the business you want to build in the future. Will your UPS system be able to keep up?

Businesses rarely remain the same size. You may undergo expansion, add equipment – you may even switch facilities entirely – a facility that could have a whole host of other needs than what your current UPS system can handle. Consult with professionals here. Understand where you want to go. Understand what you need. Understand what can work within your financial constraints now. Reaching out to pros will help. 

The ability to lead a new business and understanding your UPS system are intrinsically tied together. Hopefully today’s blog was helpful in terms of giving you a framework of what to think about and how critical a UPS system will be to your business’s future. And as always if you need guidance, call us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!