Questions to ask when it’s time to purchase a UPS Battery

UPS Batteries stand for ‘uninterrupted power supply’  or batteries that provide power in the event a total system shuts down in an emergency. Most commonly, they kick in when utility mains default or fail. 

They exist primarily to protect you and your business – to safeguard computers, data centers and telecommunication hubs; all of whom can’t afford to be down. If you’re in the market for expanding your data room or looking for a UPS battery – there are a few important aspects to keep in mind – a few of which we’re going to break down for you today. Let’s jump right in. 

What do you actually need?

UPS batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Some can back up entire industrial facilities, others are good for keeping a small office going for a few days. Whatever it is, you’ll need to do a little due diligence on exactly how much power you’d need in the event that the worst occurred. 

What do you need it for? 

This is the second question you’re going to have to answer: What precisely are you looking for the UPS battery to perform if and when you need it? Is it there to help save essential work and documents or power the entire system for the entire duration of a blackout? This requires learning a little bit about the sheer power of the UPS battery itself. The smaller the wattage load connected to the system, the longer the battery will last. 

How long will the battery last?

UPS batteries vary in terms of their lifespans. Some last only 1-2 years while others can last up to five years and longer. It should go without saying that the longer lasting the battery, the more money you’re going to have to end up paying up front. The flip side of that is, you’ll clearly have a more dependable backup power source.  

How much should you pay?

All of the UPS designs operate at a variety of different scales and capabilities. Any backup UPS catering to a higher power scale is clearly going to mean a significantly higher investment. If your needs are significantly smaller in scale, then there are far more opportunities to find a solution that fits both your needs and budget. 

If you’re looking to add a UPS battery to your server room, feel free to give us a call today and we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. Until then, we hope you found this blog helpful and good luck!