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Load Bank Testing

While manufactures typically perform load bank testing on all new gear, Upsystems can help make sure that any refurbished gear in your system is properly tested.

Battery Capacity Testing

We utilize non-destructive measuring equipment to determine battery capacity.

Emergency Services

Its critically important that your systems are up and running at all times. That’s why you have a battery backup system in the first place! But what happens when the backup goes down, and you’re off-line? That’s why Upsystems offers an emergency repair service that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We cover most UPS and battery products. For more information, or for a quote, please contact us.

On-Site Verification

Many remote hub sites are self-contained, and include all facility survival products like fire suppression, TVSS, UPS, battery plants, rectifiers, emergency lighting, etc… but many such sites are not properly documented, with specific data on each piece of gear, or the quantity or date of filter replacements, etc…

Upsystems can help you create and maintain this site-specific data, simplifying greatly the process of upgrading or rebuilding key components of the hub’s various systems.

Disposal of Batteries

Upsystems uses EPA certified recyclers throughout the United States.