Signs of a failing UPS battery

UPS batteries are a valuable investment – but they don’t last forever. And truth be told, you can’t afford to have the costly downtime associated with an outage. With that in mind, today’s blog is going to be about some of the signs you should look for when it’s time to get your UPS battery replaced. That way, you can get out ahead of any issues before they become catastrophic. 

Let’s jump right in! 

Beeping/flashing lights

Most UPS systems have some sort of sharp beeping or lighting system in place to alert you that not all is well. Whenever you see these caution lights or hear the sound, then at the very least you’ll need to consider testing. And if the situation calls for it – it’ll be time to replace them. If diagnostics suggest the battery isn’t failing – then make sure you contact your provider for assistance in diagnosing, repairing and/or replacing the unit.

How long has it been again?

Most UPS batteries last anywhere from 3-5 years. Our suggestion is that if you’re really going on four years- then you should be looking to replace your battery anyway. The last thing you need is a critical failure event or for your battery to get caught offline because it was being used past its life expectancy. 

Issues coupled with a battery stored in a warm environment

One of the most important aspects to maintaining a UPS battery is to be aware of the temperature in your server room. If it’s too hot or too cold, it can decrease the lifespan of your battery significantly. This becomes specifically problematic when the temperature is too warm. If your battery is stuck in a hot environment, call your provider and get your battery tested – it might be cooked. If it’s not – make sure something is being done about the environment it’s being kept in. 

Structural damage

If you notice any kind of damage with regards to the structure or integrity of the battery, get it replaced immediately. Any time you see leaking, discoloration or acid – call your service provider and get your system inspected immediately. Not only will your battery need to be replaced but you may find yourself in a scenario where other components of your server room need replacement as well.

If you keep an eye out for these signs, you can head off a faulty or expiring battery before something bad happens unnoticed. If you need advice on what kind of a replacement to purchase – feel free to give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free consultation – until then – good luck!