The three most important things you need to know in order to keep your server room temperature cool

We live in a world where there’s all sorts of threats to consider when it comes to keeping your data secure. There’s hackers, power failures and cyber attacks. Every day – we need to be vigilant about maintaining out data.

But do you now the biggest culprit when it comes to lost data? Believe it or not – it’s poor server room management and heat. Server room equipment is extremely sensitive to temperatures and when things get too hot or too cold – it can have a significant impact on performance and even lead to system failure.

So how do you maintain a server room’s temperature? What are the most important considerations? That’s what we’re here to help answer today. Let’s jump right in.


Contrary to popular belief – temperature control is NOT merely setting up an AC and letting it do it’s thing. Yes, you need to keep your server room cool – but you also need to make sure that components are set up in a way and manner that air can circulate appropriately so you don’t end up with hot spots. Hot spots occur when components that are set up closely conceal air and overheat those compartments. So we want to avoid that. Speaking of design…

Server room design

If you talk to any home improvement contractor – they’ll tell you that most home maintenance problems occur due to poor installation. When it comes to your Server Rooms – it’s the same things. The way and manner with which your room is designed can impact a lot. Things like how your sever racks are set up – certain components proximity to others; air flow, wiring – they all add up. If you’re experiencing temperature issues – call your IT company and see if it’s really a flaw in design.

Server rooms are server rooms only

Server rooms aren’t multi-use spaces. In fact, you want to keep your server room as socially distanced from other areas in your office as possible – and you don’t want to co-mingle with storage containers, brooms and everything else that you want out of the way. Cleanliness also becomes a factor. So with the abundance of clutter, dust and traffic – it can get really difficult to control the temperature in your server room.

Server room cooling equipment

Placing an air conditioner in your server room is not temperature control. Server rooms have their own cooling equipment and while yes – it can get pricey, we implore you to think of it this way: the investment in cooling equipment will significantly reduce the risk of costlier problems and best of all – means you won’t have to think about any of this stuff nearly as much – which means more time back on your plate to worry about things like, you know – delivering your service and products.


If you’d like to learn more about the various ways you can maintain temperature in your server rooms, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!