What NOT to have inside a server room

On this blog, we usually carry a lot of information not just on UPS batteries, but also server rooms and server room layouts. One of the more common things we discuss are things you’d want in server rooms and a lot about what you SHOULD have in a server room. 

However today, we’re going to turn the tables a bit and discuss the things you 100% should NOT want to see in a server room. Sometimes knowing what NOT to do can be as important as learning what TO do, so today – we’re going to discuss that very thing. Let’s jump right in. 


Server rooms are sensitive things and particularly sensitive when it comes to room temperature. A few degrees too hot or too cold can not only impact your server’s performance – but can significantly reduce the lifespan of your equipment – specifically things like UPS batteries and the like. Maintain your server room around the 68-72 degree range all the time. And remember – you’ll have to take into account the heat being generated by your equipment. Stay in that range, and you’ll get the most out of your investment. 


Any leaks, condensation or moisture needs to be addressed directly and immediately. 24% (almost a full quarter) of data center outages comes from water. Make sure that wherever you build your server room that it’s away from pipes and other water pathways – particularly through the ceiling. Even a small amount of water in one wrong place can short circuit thousands of dollars or components and equipment. 


Believe it or not, vibrations can be a major source of damage when it comes to the overall health of your server room. Things like rolling carts, excess foot traffic-heavy machinery, trucks and the like – can cause excessive vibration and movement. Even the slightest scratch on a hard drive can wipe years’ worth of data. Make sure that wherever your server room is located – that it’s a place where there’s not a lot of traffic – literally and metaphorically. 


Server rooms need to be kept orderly and neat for a variety of reasons. Make sure cords are untangled and that there’s no risk for tripping over wires. Also – not every maintenance professional will have intimate knowledge of your server room, so it also reduces the risk for error during routine maintenance. Any server room you own should be clean and organized. 


We hope you found today’s blog helpful. For more information on UPS batteries and the places they help protect, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation. Until then – good luck!