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UPS Products

  • APC
  • Best
  • Chloride
  • Emerson
  • Gamatronic
  • Liebert
  • Mitsubishi
  • Powerware
  • Staco
  • Tripp-lite

Computer Products

  • HP
  • Lenovo

For any critical electronic equipment to be truly protected there should be a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) on the front end of the device to insure no loss of power interruption. There are several power anomalies that a true online UPS will protect against. Our factory trained and experienced power engineers provide programmed maintenance, diagnostics and repairs 7 x24, 365 days a year.

More Info:  http://shared.liebert.com/SharedDocuments/White%20Papers/capacitor_Rep.pdf

Battery Suppliers

  • CSB
  • C&D
  • Enersys
  • Fiamm

Batteries are the weakest link in a UPS regardless of UPS size. They are a perishable product. They lose their ability to perform over time.  The number of times they are ‘hit’, the temperature of the environment and age all affect the ‘life’ of a battery or battery string. Maintenance is recommended for modular and all 3 phase UPS battery strings. Most manufacturers provide a 3 year warranty.

We provide the labor and freight for warranty batteries if we did the install and the batteries were purchased through Up Systems.

More info:  http://www.enersysreservepower.com/documents/Ohmic%20Paper%208-05.pdf

Battery Monitoring

  • Midtronics

Midtronics offers individual battery monitoring when it is more crucial to have ‘real time’ capacity and assurance of system availability.

More info:  http://cellwatch.com/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/Mission-Critical-Protection-Investment.pdf

TVSS (transient voltage surge suppression)

  • APT SurgeAssure

More Info: http://www.aptsurge.com/docs/11%20-%20Lightning%20Physics%20and%20Effects%20RevB%20PS%20Post%203rd.pdf