The importance ongoing UPS maintenance

When it comes to things like server rooms and UPS power – it’s really easy to let those things fade to the background and not be front and center in your day to day thoughts and frankly – it’s hard to blame you. After all, you do have a business to run.

However, your UPS system is the heart of your backup power and if something goes wrong, your business won’t run. That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure your UPS battery is consistently maintained. 

Today we’re going to talk about some things for you to consider and why maintaining your UPS battery is so vital to your system’s overall health. Let’s jump right in!

Environmental issues

Always be conscious of the sort of environment your battery is in. If it’s a little too warm, it’ll shorten your battery’s life. If it’s a little too cold, it’ll shorten your battery’s life. Make sure that your battery is in the right environment so you can get the most out of it.

Making sure your batteries are charging correctly

Whenever a maintenance pro comes in – one of the first things they’ll look into is ‘float voltage’ – which basically ensures there’s enough potential to charge each battery while ALSO staying within the desired range for power. This is important because not only can it impact the length of time your UPS system can operate in the event of an outage, but also the lifespan of the battery. So making sure your float voltage is at the right levels is crucial to your system’s operations.

Batteries can be faulty

While everyone tries to do everything they can to make sure their server room is in good working order, sometimes components don’t always cooperate. Batteries can sometimes be fitted poorly or can be holdovers from previous ownership. When those supplies fail they can have catastrophic consequences for your data and your business – so you’ll want to make sure you have someone continuously looking at the condition of your batteries and equipment.


Server rooms can be fickle things and poor layout and too much heat accumulating can really throw off their level of performance. A maintenance pro will be able to give you a second opinion on how your server room should be laid out and maybe even help you maximize what you have. We’re all looking to make our dollars stretch further nowadays – so more often than not it can be more than worth your while to have that second, more informed set of eyes. 

As you can see – maintaining your UPS batteries and server rooms is important. If you’d like to speak with someone about putting your business on an ongoing maintenance plan, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!